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Water Based Adhesives

At Caswell Adhesives, we have maintained our market-leading position since 1890 by developing innovative products suitable for the demands of current markets. With recent developments in environmental studies, the need for less harmful adhesives has increased substantially. At Caswell, we have taken this into consideration and have invested heavily in our water-based adhesive technology.

Our range of water-based adhesives has quickly become the most popular of all our products, and we now supply a significant range of water-based products to clients across the UK. The diverse nature and numerous beneficial properties of water-based adhesives mean we can supply effective products to industries including manufacturers of footwear, product assembly, paper converting and packaging products.

The 600 range of PVA-based adhesives is perfect for the wood-working industry, conforming to BS4071 and EN 204 D2, D3 and D4 standards. Each product in our collection has its own set of specific properties which can help benefit more specialised applications.

Caswell chemists also develop bespoke solutions for clients requiring more particular products. The diversity of applications we cater for means our chemists and engineers have gained exceptional knowledge in the manufacturing of specialised adhesives and we welcome any challenge you bring to us.

We also supply a number of hardeners and cleaners to complement our water-based adhesives. Caswell Adhesives is your one-stop solution for all your adhesive bonding needs.

If you need expert bond technologies, Caswell can deliver.

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