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Solvent Based Adhesives

The adhesive industry is huge and the number of markets requiring quality glues and adhesives for their unique applications is growing. Traditionally, solvent-based adhesives have been the product of choice for many industries and, as such, we have been supplying shoe-makers with our solvent-based products for decades.

We are the UK’s foremost supplier of solvent-based adhesives, with polychloroprenes, nitriles, SBRs, natural rubber and polyurethane-based products all manufactured by our adhesive engineers. With over 100 variations available to choose from, we have the product for your application. Our product range covers numerous industries including footwear, woodwork and roofing, ensuring we can provide a simple solution for multiple clients.

As well as stocking a range of standard products, Caswell Adhesives also specialises in problem-solving and can work closely with you to create unique adhesive solutions for more unique purposes. Our quick response times allow you to carry on running your processes without the fear of unnecessary downtime.

Our solvent-based adhesives feature many desirable qualities, including long open times suitable for cold bonding, low and high viscosity up to 50,000 cPs, temperature resistance, water resistance and fire retardancy.

Complementary to our diverse range of products, Caswell also manufactures and supplies industrial cleaning solvents, joining sealants and mastics. All of our products undergo rigorous testing throughout the entire process to ensure each and every batch meets our high-quality expectations. Accredited to ISO 9001, we are committed to providing a premier service which you can depend on.

Get in touch about our extensive range of solvent-based adhesives today and we’ll find the right solution for you.

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