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Roofing and Construction

At Caswell Adhesives, we manufacture and supply a range of construction and roofing adhesives for clients across the world. We are capable of producing solvent-based, water-based, hot melt and moisture-cure adhesives for all applications within the industry and can easily tailor products to create unique specifications.

Our traditional solvent-based adhesives are based on polychloroprenes, nitriles, acrylics and polyurethanes and can be used as for bonding single-ply PVC, TPO and EPDM roofing membranes to concrete, masonry, wood and metal decks. This range includes pressure-sensitive products for one-way bonding, upstand adhesives as well as a number of welding and cleaning solvents.

Our 100% solids moisture-cure range has been specifically developed to enable the bonding of faced roof insulation panels to most commonly occurring decking materials. Suitable for application by roller, brush or spray, moisture-cure adhesives are perfect for the demanding roofing and construction industries.

For bonding paper-backed membranes for use in sectors such as the mobile home industry, we have developed a unique range of water-based adhesives. With the environment in mind, our range of water-based products provides a safer and friendlier alternative to solvent-based adhesives while providing similar, if not better, adhesion properties.

We can also manufacture and supply pipe welding adhesive for use on low-pressure PVC and ABS waste pipes and PVC electrical conduit.

To complement our diverse selection of industrial glues and adhesives, we also supply joining sealants and mastics to ensure we are the number one supplier for all your roofing and construction adhesive needs.

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