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Product Assembly Adhesives

At Caswell Adhesives, we have a hugely diverse range of industrial glues and adhesives specially developed for the white-goods, electrical and automotive sectors. We manufacture and supply hot melt adhesives, water-based and solvent-based adhesives, all of which are suitable for specialist filter and various filter systems, audio speakers, interior vehicle trims and other sub-components.

Our Premiermelt™ hot melt range of product assembly adhesives includes pressure sensitive materials and high-performance moisture curing polyurethane, both of which offer long open time and fast setting for easy workability combined with excellent final heat and water resistance. Our semi pressure-sensitive range with very long open times can be applied using manual or automated methods and are highly suited to typical applications within the product assembly market among others. Such an example is the development of adhesives suitable for a number of filters including oil and fuel filters, vacuum cleaner filters and water filters. Every product is thoroughly tested to ensure compliance, effectiveness and relevance.

In response to current environmental challenges, we have further developed our range of water-based contact adhesives and hot melt glues to replace traditional solvent-based products for many product assembly applications. As well as proving to be less harmful to the environment, our hot melts and water-based adhesives are extremely versatile and offer superior adhesion in even the most demanding situations. Our water-based range is by far the fastest-growing area of manufacturing.

Solvent-based adhesives are still manufactured by Caswell Adhesives for a number of clients due to their beneficial properties including temperature resistance, plasticiser resistance, water resistance and fire retardancy, once applied and set.

Due to the wide range of applications and bonding requirements of this industry, our range of adhesives and glues is diverse and complex. We are able to suggest numerous options for a single problem, giving our clients more freedom to choose the right solution for them. Test our problem-solving abilities today by calling us on 01536 464800.

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