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Paper Converting

At Caswell Adhesives, we have been supplying the paper converting industry with bespoke adhesives for many years. This vast industry requires adhesives suitable for a variety of applications and we have the experience to ensure we’re supplying the best adhesive for those requirements.

We supply the paper converting industry with products suitable for envelopes, paper laminating, labelling and security bags. All products have been specially formulated to ensure optimum performance on the appropriate application equipment and to meet the performance demands of the final product. Our water-based and hot melt adhesives are formulated for the production of mailing envelopes, used for side seaming and window patching as well as for remoistenable and self-adhesive seals.

Our industrial adhesives are also supplied for laminating paper to paper, board, foil and other specialised films. The choice of adhesive is governed by the machine speed as well as the substrates being combined, and at Caswell, we can offer clear advice on the best product for you.

For our labelling clients, we supply a number of effective water-based adhesives suitable for the application of paper labels to cartons as well as high-performance adhesives for labelling polyurethane, polypropylene, PET and glass containers. Although a majority of our labelling adhesives are water-based, hot melt products are also available.

During the development of our adhesives, special consideration is given to the application method, machine running speed, surface finishes and performance parameters allowing us to tailor each product to our clients’ unique requirements.

We understand the complexity of the paper converting industry and are able to offer tailor-made solutions for any client. Test our problem-solving ability by getting in touch today with your requirements.

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