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The packaging industry is diverse and complex, requiring a variety of adhesive products to cater for numerous applications.

At Caswell, we have developed a large range of adhesives and glues, fine-tuned over many years to meet the demands of our packaging clients. From carton manufacturers to bag and sack suppliers, we can offer the perfect Premiermelt™ and Casmelt™ adhesive solution for the greatest reliability.

Our water-based adhesives exhibit fantastic specific adhesion to plain or varnished clay-coated products within the carton industry. They ensure optimum performance and run cleanly, whether applied by wheel or jetting. Alternatively, our water-based adhesives can be used for cross pasting, side seaming and bottoming of bag and sacks. We can tailor all of our water-based adhesives to offer improved adhesion to the modern clay-coated papers, with cleaner running and faster drying times.

At Caswell, we also manufacture and supply hot-melt adhesives for the packaging industry, specially formulated to meet the adhesion and performance requirements of cartons, bags and sacks. Our hot-melt adhesives are suitable for bottoming and closing bags and sacks and can be individually formulated for hot-fill bags where the adhesive bond must withstand high loads and temperatures.

For an enhanced seal, Caswell manufactures a range of Premiermelt™ hot-melt adhesives specifically developed for the packaging industry. Designed to provide a strong seal, our hot-melt products eliminate the risk of damage to the contents while offering an improved aesthetic. We also supply pressure-sensitive and self-adhesive products for the manufacturing of foam tapes, labels and decals.

All of our products are designed and developed to meet strict regulatory and compliance guidelines.

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