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Contract Mixing

At Caswell Adhesives, we offer a comprehensive contract mixing service for adhesives, sealants and waxes. Our process utilises our specialist mixing equipment for the production of unique customer formulations and their own label products.

Our contract mixing service is ideal for those requiring custom products, including solvent-based adhesives up to a viscosity of 50,000 cPs, low and high viscous water-based adhesives and hot melt adhesives. We can also mix highly viscous waxes, wax blends and sealants using the latest industry technology. Our custom-built equipment allows us to manufacture unique products to meet our clients’ specific requirements.

We have heavily invested in our vacuum technology, ensuring our products are of an exceptionally high quality.

To complement our contract mixing services, we offer repacking solutions using specially developed equipment suitable for handling both solvent and water-based adhesives. We have the capabilities to fill containers from 25ml through to the provision of tonnage quantities.

Contract mixing at Caswell Adhesives is backed by our ISO 9001 quality management accreditation and total confidentiality. As adhesive and solvent regulations tighten in the UK, we have upgraded our production equipment and processes to ensure we are both meeting and exceeding all legal requirements.

This, coupled with our impressive customer response times, means Caswell Adhesives must be the first adhesive manufacturer you should consider when looking for your industrial glue supplier.

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