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Our Policies

At Caswell Adhesives, we have a number of company policies in place to ensure we are upholding standards expected by our clients, employees and suppliers. We aim to be transparent with our manufacturing and business processes setting out public guidelines in the form of ethical, health and safety and privacy policies. We expect all stakeholders of Caswell Adhesives to understand the importance of our policies and ensure all codes of conduct are followed at all times.

Ethical Policy

Our ethical policy is set out to ensure we abide by both our own moral standards and legal responsibilities. Caswell Adhesives strives to provide a safe and healthy working environment while complying with all international, national and local legislation affecting the manufacture and supply of industrial adhesives. We are an equal opportunities employer, eliminating discrimination in the workplace and have a zero-tolerance policy on unethical behaviours in and around the workplace. To read our ethical statement in full, download the policy below.

View our Ethical Policy document

Privacy Policy

As part of our business processes, Caswell Adhesives collects and stores private data. We follow strict guidelines to ensure that all data is secure and adheres to new GDPR privacy legislation, giving you the confidence that your personal information is safe with us. Our privacy policy outlines the types of data we are likely to hold for each client and the purpose of holding such information as well as the length of retention of this data. We constantly review our privacy policy and update it accordingly and will always notify you when this happens. If you would like to contact us to discuss our privacy policy we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

View our Privacy Policy document

Environmental Policy

At Caswell Adhesives, we are serious in our approach to protecting the environment and are committed to reducing our overall impact on both the local and global environment. Our policy details the steps we take to manage our responsibilities including complying with all applicable legislation and setting objectives for continual improvement and prevention of pollution. We aim to reduce non-recyclable waste wherever possible and continue to raise awareness of environmental issues through regular training. To read our policy in full, use the download button below.

View our Environmental Policy document

Quality Policy

As one of the first manufacturers to receive ISO 9001 accreditation in the UK, we are committed to upholding our reputation for exceptional adhesives. Not only does this apply to the quality of our final product, but the quality of service we provide. All members of staff at Caswell Adhesives are trained to work professionally, ensuring a quick and efficient process resulting in fast response times to customer requests. We constantly review our quality objectives and encourage all team members to express any ideas that will ultimately enhance the quality of our services. To read our policy in full, please use the download button below.

View our Quality Policy document

Health and Safety Policy

Health and safety is of utmost importance at Caswell Adhesives. We strive to ensure we provide a safe place to work and visit for all employees, clients and other personnel by investing in quality machinery, equipment and extractors. We provide health and safety training for all members of staff to ensure their role in the company can be carried out responsibly and monitor the working environment regularly to ensure guidelines are complied with. To access our full health and safety policy, use the download function below.

View our Health & Safety Policy document